August 18, 2012


Sore, but still Shopping on a Saturday.

Thanking the Lord that the long weekend finally started! After the day-after-day suspensions of class the previous week, coping with this week's classes has been completely hell. The hardest part of it besides the shitload of requirements needed to be submitted, oral presentations that needed to be delivered, and long delayed tests that needed to be answered, was the part when I had to pull myself out of bed after literally just going to bed. I just realized now that my tweet was total bull.. "complaining about sleep deprivation when I was the one to succumb to the different means of procrastination"  when to think all I've done that week was school work. 

$(1): SORE. I've never been this sore since cheer dancing practice last intramurals season. I never knew doing a little Zumba exercise for a fundraising event of my batch can make me this sore. 
$(2): SHOPPING. It's about time that I went shopping again. Thanks to my grandma and mother (and the month of August). Also for being exposed to how fabulously expensive it is to keep a good look when you're  older - my 76 year old grandma's "daily" regime included  LancĂ´me, Clinique, Acca Kappa, Chanel etc... (See it for yourself:
$(3): I could say its for Saturday - and how it was unusual for us today to break a Saturday routine.

A$$ is for all the little asswholes in this world. Can't say much because I don't know shit. 

August 11, 2012

Snazzy Sweet Sixteen Surprise

There are only two normal reactions when you know your birthday is approaching; You either resent it, or  feverishly await for its coming. But in my case, I don't really know how to categorize how I felt about the whole affair. Well, (1) I was undeniably excited to turn yet another year older, (2) the heartwarming feeling of realizing that your friends actually took time to do something for you, (3) the priceless feeling of having the advantage to play with everyone's heads after figuring out that my family actually had planned me a surprise luau, and (4) the stress you feel after being told about this party - which by the way, I would have preferred to not know about knowing how nervous I get when I know I'll be hosting an event. But despite all the little heart wrenching instances, slip outs, and frantic worrying, it was a great birthday.

July 30, 2012

Sweater Weather

Classes were suspended today due to the heavy rainfall and the ongoing and upcoming typhoons in the area. Instead of having to worry for the safety and welfare of those who are actually in danger and live in lowland areas, I go out, do a little grocery shopping with mother, and saw a movie in the theater. Yes, guilty as I could ever be, I still continue to wail about not having able to do the things I intended to accomplish tonight. Like my first ever evening jog with my sister - a routine I was supposed to start today although still miserably failed because of the sudden change of weather once I stepped foot on the outdoor pavement. Just my luck. #MISHAP

Now, still wearing my Nike's, I do a little pondering...
1) I used to believe that I have great dependency on my phone as it notifies me with everything going on on my social media "life". But now, I feel as if I depend on it for an entirely different reason. (which scares the shit out of me having to admit it) I think... it could be... because of... certain people... who exposed me to a whole new side of... life/emotions/perspective... yeah. I can't really explain it here even if I claim that this as my "online journal", it still is very public.
2) It's July 30.. and it being already more than halfway done with the year without me noticing it, shows how oblivious I am of time. I mean, what the hell? Where did the first half of 2012 go?
3) After July comes August, which means BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!! yay does this mean since I turn a year older, I get a more mature gift? *cough* maybe something designer that would feed my teenage fashion addict cravings??? *cough* I hope so.

Anyway I think I might have class tomorrow. Unless the local officials feel generous, suspend it, and actually spare me from another boring and hassle day at school. But most probably not. So I should head to bed.

Oh and lastly, before I forget, I hope that the things I think I want to happen will happen genuinely and not out of consequence, or pressure, or for show. Here's to hoping for the best. -lol I could not have put that any better.

July 15, 2012

Not so solitary suburban?

SO, to start things off, I apologize to myself (since nobody every goes on this as much as I do) for not being to update ever since summer break ended. A lot has been happening, which is very surprising to say the least, and I have no clue how to cover everything in this post. I decided to just create a photo diary entry that would probably suffice what has been happening in my life. A life I thought would result to a solitary suburban life - but i guess not. Mixed emotions for the past 5 weeks. Junior year could not have been better.

I can just imagine how weird my readers probably think this mix of photos are. Well to briefly explain my recent endeavors, it was filled with new friendships, lots of running, taking new chances, school work, "new" Raybans, birthday parties, hippie costumes, and, well, booze.


Oh and happy July 15th for those who actually celebrate the end of every era.
Now on to the new one!

June 02, 2012

New Realizations

So today, a friend told me that I'm not worth jack shit. I completely agree. Especially from people whose priorities are so presumptuous and inconsiderate.

Advice from dad? Surround myself with friends that make me happy, and sever the ties with those that bring me negativity. He makes it sound so easy.

but gee thanks, Ian.. I always knew you are always there for me!

May 28, 2012


Days between May 21st to the 24th. Just what I've been up to lately - in case any of you were wondering.

 a friend's surprise party: It was a spontaneous night surrounded with great people and polaroid photographs. What made it even better for me was that earlier that day, i-SWITCHED! get it? lol, okay.. I switched from being a blackberry user for three years (when I blindly believed that 'once you go black, you can never go back', but apparently not) to an apple user. I like it a lot; and I hate how much I like it. I don't even like it. I love it. oh my god

usual hangouts
: Spent the following day with two of my best buds listening to music.. new music. Well, no. Not entirely new.. just new to me, I guess.

♔ Ian Somerhalder(lover) fangirling day: This day is the epitome of this summer's sublimity. Well in my opinion, it is. Probably because it's the day I've been waiting for since I first saw Ian Somerhalder - the kind of guy who'll be everyone and anyone's crush once you've laid your eyes on him. Well he's my forever crush, so this is kind of a big deal. lol. (only if you guys could see how serious I was in attempting to stalk him.. actually you could. clicky.) 
Here's my view without zooming in. I swear it looked better and much closer live - but nevertheless, I'm so grateful to finally see him. I would post the video too, but then the profanities I released from the point Ian went up the stage would probably get me in trouble ha ha ha

Thank you to SM and Nicola for their respective photos

May 17, 2012

Brunch at the Club

Out and about at 10 in the morning for brunch with the girls! I haven't really seen everyone together (okay well majority of the group) ever since break started because of our conflicting schedules, and so it was nice to see all their faces today. Great food and great company is all it takes to make my day.
missing Nicola, the super talented photographer, in this shot!

p.s. I just saw the new film 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' - I didn't really know how i felt about it because of the over-lapping stories and whatnot, but towards the end, it's probably one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. And frankly, there aren't a lot of films that could make me laugh. My kind of humor.. so it was good ;)

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