May 28, 2012


Days between May 21st to the 24th. Just what I've been up to lately - in case any of you were wondering.

 a friend's surprise party: It was a spontaneous night surrounded with great people and polaroid photographs. What made it even better for me was that earlier that day, i-SWITCHED! get it? lol, okay.. I switched from being a blackberry user for three years (when I blindly believed that 'once you go black, you can never go back', but apparently not) to an apple user. I like it a lot; and I hate how much I like it. I don't even like it. I love it. oh my god

usual hangouts
: Spent the following day with two of my best buds listening to music.. new music. Well, no. Not entirely new.. just new to me, I guess.

♔ Ian Somerhalder(lover) fangirling day: This day is the epitome of this summer's sublimity. Well in my opinion, it is. Probably because it's the day I've been waiting for since I first saw Ian Somerhalder - the kind of guy who'll be everyone and anyone's crush once you've laid your eyes on him. Well he's my forever crush, so this is kind of a big deal. lol. (only if you guys could see how serious I was in attempting to stalk him.. actually you could. clicky.) 
Here's my view without zooming in. I swear it looked better and much closer live - but nevertheless, I'm so grateful to finally see him. I would post the video too, but then the profanities I released from the point Ian went up the stage would probably get me in trouble ha ha ha

Thank you to SM and Nicola for their respective photos


  1. omgosh! that guy is so cute!

    nice blog! i would love you for to come and take a look at my blog as well :)

    Figure of Chic

  2. Aaaaah still can't believe I'm stuck in Sweden while it seems like so many celebs are in Pinas now :'(

    1. No, no Stockholm is a very nice place to be stuck in!