July 15, 2012

Not so solitary suburban?

SO, to start things off, I apologize to myself (since nobody every goes on this as much as I do) for not being to update ever since summer break ended. A lot has been happening, which is very surprising to say the least, and I have no clue how to cover everything in this post. I decided to just create a photo diary entry that would probably suffice what has been happening in my life. A life I thought would result to a solitary suburban life - but i guess not. Mixed emotions for the past 5 weeks. Junior year could not have been better.

I can just imagine how weird my readers probably think this mix of photos are. Well to briefly explain my recent endeavors, it was filled with new friendships, lots of running, taking new chances, school work, "new" Raybans, birthday parties, hippie costumes, and, well, booze.


Oh and happy July 15th for those who actually celebrate the end of every era.
Now on to the new one!

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