April 26, 2012

Perhaps a regular dosage would be nice

A spontaneous day calls for a day of shopping - well at least I hope it would be every time. Woke up today totally amiss, not knowing how I could possibly spend another boring summer day in Manila. And so, I thought a little shopping wouldn't hurt - I think this is probably the worst hobby ever. Not only does it make me look like a shopaholic (which I swear I'm not), it's starting to make me bankrupt too. (okay, not the illegal kind, just figuratively)

So here's a run-down of the few things I got today 

(1) F XXI Denim knotted polo 
(ok., not entirely happy with the brand because of my strong belief in 
quality over quantity - but i just couldn't resist. 'twas too cute)

(2) Zara high waist leather shorts 
(standards were completely met - I might be a bit biased because I love everything that's Zara eeeep)

(3) Topshop basic black silk tee 
(an addition to my collection of Topshop basics varying from burgundy, grey, and green heeee)

view from grandma's living room window

Went home a bit frustrated today. Why? Because instead of the local currency, I had dollars in my wallet. great! - a mishap?

Great finds?

I feel like it's a crime for neglecting the mandatory posts of good purchases.. even those that are already counted to be outrageously out-dated..

a perfect example would be (1) my 13" fluorescent yellow Cambridge Satchel 

+ my super awesome retro rug

(2) these Anna Sui x Hush Puppies Oxfords

+ my other awesome retro rug

What do you think? 

April 05, 2012

Black Bird

In the Philippines, the society is predominantly Catholic, and so we celebrate Easter, mourn on Black Saturday, and do fasting during Holy Thursday and Good Friday (Processions were done as well). As Ironic as it may look, here's another outfit post for April 5th (Holy Thursday)

Zara black kimono, Women Classic blouse, suede shorts, and RayBan red Clubmasters

*Thanks to NA photography for the two photos*

April 04, 2012

First ever Outfit post?

I thought my burgundy pants were worth sharing - what do you think?

H&M Sweater, Zara Burgundy Chino Pants, H&M metallic silver bag, Charles and Keith leopard loafers (not seen)


About the blog? well that's basically up to you - on how you perceive this whole online journal, or however way you want to put it. About me? Now this is probably the most trickiest one of all, and yet is so very simple. (I'm kind of hating the paradox of that)

I realized after exploring other blogs/tumblrs that this post/page is really the first impression of me as a person
And so, my lovelies, I present to you, my-ever-so-loving-self:

So there's little Asian me, lomo-fied to fit my prefernce and smiling after my first haircut since 2011.
Anyway, I've decided to leave it up to you to figure who I am through the mishaps and musings, or probably virtually just boring things I'm about to present to you guys.. since that's what bloggers do right? lol. yeah, so here it goes.