August 11, 2012

Snazzy Sweet Sixteen Surprise

There are only two normal reactions when you know your birthday is approaching; You either resent it, or  feverishly await for its coming. But in my case, I don't really know how to categorize how I felt about the whole affair. Well, (1) I was undeniably excited to turn yet another year older, (2) the heartwarming feeling of realizing that your friends actually took time to do something for you, (3) the priceless feeling of having the advantage to play with everyone's heads after figuring out that my family actually had planned me a surprise luau, and (4) the stress you feel after being told about this party - which by the way, I would have preferred to not know about knowing how nervous I get when I know I'll be hosting an event. But despite all the little heart wrenching instances, slip outs, and frantic worrying, it was a great birthday.

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