April 04, 2012


About the blog? well that's basically up to you - on how you perceive this whole online journal, or however way you want to put it. About me? Now this is probably the most trickiest one of all, and yet is so very simple. (I'm kind of hating the paradox of that)

I realized after exploring other blogs/tumblrs that this post/page is really the first impression of me as a person
And so, my lovelies, I present to you, my-ever-so-loving-self:

So there's little Asian me, lomo-fied to fit my prefernce and smiling after my first haircut since 2011.
Anyway, I've decided to leave it up to you to figure who I am through the mishaps and musings, or probably virtually just boring things I'm about to present to you guys.. since that's what bloggers do right? lol. yeah, so here it goes.

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