April 26, 2012

Perhaps a regular dosage would be nice

A spontaneous day calls for a day of shopping - well at least I hope it would be every time. Woke up today totally amiss, not knowing how I could possibly spend another boring summer day in Manila. And so, I thought a little shopping wouldn't hurt - I think this is probably the worst hobby ever. Not only does it make me look like a shopaholic (which I swear I'm not), it's starting to make me bankrupt too. (okay, not the illegal kind, just figuratively)

So here's a run-down of the few things I got today 

(1) F XXI Denim knotted polo 
(ok., not entirely happy with the brand because of my strong belief in 
quality over quantity - but i just couldn't resist. 'twas too cute)

(2) Zara high waist leather shorts 
(standards were completely met - I might be a bit biased because I love everything that's Zara eeeep)

(3) Topshop basic black silk tee 
(an addition to my collection of Topshop basics varying from burgundy, grey, and green heeee)

view from grandma's living room window

Went home a bit frustrated today. Why? Because instead of the local currency, I had dollars in my wallet. great! - a mishap?

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