July 24, 2011

Cambridge Satchels YAY OR NAY?

You can imagine then my excitement to discover the Cambridge Satchel Company, with its array of fluorescents. A classic ode to British school satchels, the bag reads as a streamlined hybrid of Celine’s Box Bag and Proenza’s PS1. It has that understated professional look of the latter, but with the structure and shape of the former. And with endless options of sizes and colors, this bag can range from day to evening, Summer to Winter(or the holidays season as we could call it), woman to man - and while the sizes and colors range in price, most are priced at less than 6,400 pesos, none going above 8,500 pesos.

Carolina Engman from fashionsquad with her fluo satchel

As obvious as it looks, I'm smitten over the fluorescent colored satchels since they first released it. After a long time of debating which color I should get, as you can see, I obviously settled for the fluorescent yellow. I've always  been on a hunt for the perfect satchel ever since I could remember, and when I've noticed photos floating around tumblr of neon versions, I became obsessed! 

You want them? GET THEM HERE

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  1. LOVE the satchels! want :)



    1. woooo love your blog Natalie! so glad I was able to get these x

  2. yes! i love the colours and the shape.