May 05, 2012

Causally Horrifying?

Finally I've decided to get a little fresh air (well, as fresh as the air could be in a metropolitan area - but still air, nonetheless). Food trippin' with a few friends even if I already decided to cut down, although a little Starbucks coffee wouldn't hurt. HA! and since I've finally changed a few of my dollars to pesos, I treated myself and my friend to a horror movie which shall not be mentioned here. To tell you guys frankly, what makes the film horror is how horrifyingly bad it was written. The plot was beyond absurd - something that I can't even start to comprehend.. and believe me I tried. Do me a favor and waste your time like I did.

And they say, why waste a good day with a bad outfit? well then, in retort, "why dress down, ever???"

Okay, yeah so, here's what I wore? I wish casual clothes were pajamas instead.

my friend's vintage necklace

H&M silk kimono | Zara trouser shorts | Topshop sandals

photos by Nicola


  1. prettyyyy! haha what film was it? x

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    2. thank you! I'll privately message you! haha x

  2. Pretty kimono